RLL Electric Safari

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RLL Electric Safari is a heifer with an incredible low lateral twist in her horn, that is a sight to behold. She is UBER correct, and gentle as a lamb. Her pedigree might actually be the deepest in my herd. From the Jones program, there is Horseshoe J Innovate, Horseshoe J Foundation. From the Boland program, Ringaling BCB and Fifty-Fifty BCB. The Loomis program provides Bandera Chex, and Rio Safari Chex. Last but certainly not least, is Night Safari BL833 from El Coyote ranch. I don't know if you could stack another name in this pedigree. I also don't think you could make a prettier longhorn. I can't wait to see how she develops further.
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Ritchie Land & Livestock
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RLL Electric Safari